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Over 60 years of experience has earned us the trust of our industry and its drivers

With over 60 years of experience and an extensive fleet of tank trailers, Gorski Bulk Transport (GBT) combines transportation services along with expertise to give you peace-of-mind. We specialize in liquid bulk transportation across Canada, the United States and Mexico. Our reputation is built upon the quality of service we provide. We combine safety and service for our drivers and customers to deliver what you need, where you want it, and when you need it there.

Reliable, Repeatable, Dependable – that’s GBT’s promise to you.


GBT has been one of the leaders in the liquid bulk transportation industry for years. We strive to hire dependable and dedicated drivers that our customers can count on to provide the best possible service. Join our experienced team of drivers and staff and reach your career goals with GBT. Be part of a team you can count on.

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About GBT

GBT is an internationally recognized liquid bulk carrier delivering to customers all over Canada, the United States and Mexico. We partner with companies that face unique logistical challenges by providing safe, sound, and secure custom-tailored solutions for transportation. GBT places safety and service first to ensure that the service you receive is consistent and reliable.


From the quality of our fleet to the caliber of our team, GBT sets the standard for reliability, safety, and service. Our elite drivers are trained and equipped with the cutting-edge tools and technology they need to get your materials delivered on time and trouble free. Through an unmatched dedication to service and support, GBT delivers in every way possible.