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Customer Service

GBT’s focus is on Continuous Improvement. We work hard to maintain a superior level of customer service for you. A customer service representative is assigned to each customer to ensure that all of the service requirements are met for every shipment. At GBT we celebrate our 98.6% error-free shipment record and it is possible because of our commitment to customer service. Our ISO 9001:2015 registered quality program for our transportation services supports our dedication to customer service. An independent external ISO auditor ensures that our commitment to service is maintained.

There is a lot involved in maintaining a superior level of customer service. Some of the items that we feel are important include:

  • Understanding customer needs and maintaining an account profile
  • Tracking all transportation incidents
  • Determining root cause for developing corrective strategies
  • Maintaining a people focus in a technology age
  • Standardizing business processes to keep solutions simple.
  • Maintaining a modern fleet
  • Investing in infrastructure to support our modern fleet
  • Practicing safety and security in the workplace.
  • Maintaining performance metrics for self improvement.

  • Windsor
    5400 Walker Road Oldcastle, ON N0R 1L0 | 519-737-1275
  • Toronto
    2378 Royal Windsor Dr. Oakville, ON L6J 4Z2 | 289-291-3771
  • Detroit
    20101 Sibley Road Brownstown, MI 48193 | 313-869-4105