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Our Mission & History

Since our humble start over 60 years ago, our mission has been to provide customers with the high level of service they require.  We are committed to delivering diverse products safely, reliably, and affordably across international borders.  From liquid materials to dry bulk - if you manufacture it, we move it. 

Ted & Lottie Gorski started GBT in 1957 after their first customer ran out of material because of a rail service delivery failure. GBT has specialized in making difficult deliveries possible. Their reputation for service that was reliable, repeatable and dependable soon brought them new customers looking for solutions to their supply chain problems. Using new liquid bulk technology available at that time, the customers gained new levels of productivity along with stellar service.

Working with their customers as partners, new solutions could be developed and implemented to help customers reach new levels of success. This spirit of innovation lead to several firsts; GBT was one of the first carriers to offer single line service between Canada and the United States, a standard practice of today’s transportation market. Using large capacity tank trailers, GBT lead the way in maximizing payloads carried. GBT was the first carrier to hold joint Transportation Board hearings in Canada in the days of regulation to provide customers with new levels of service and efficiency.

Other firsts include the shipment of beer in tanks trucks to remote bottling sites and the shipment of tomato paste in tank trucks. Always an innovator, GBT’s fleet was 100% linked for satellite communications in 2001. E-Logs became a company standard in 2010, 7 years before the ELD legislation was enacted.


Over 50 years ago, GBT began as the simple answer to a complicated question–“What’s the best way to get my materials to their destination on time and on budget?” Since the early days, we’ve operated one of the premier fleets on the road and employed experienced drivers with the dedication and expertise to transport the kinds of materials that demand only the best behind the wheel.

Ted and Lottie Gorski, founders of GBT

Ted and Lottie Gorski, founders of GBT

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