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Green Initiatives

Being responsible for our footprint in the environment has been part of our culture since our humble beginnings at the family farm in 1957. Long before it became fashionable to call our initiatives green or environmentally friendly, GBT has combined safety with preserving our environment.

As a pioneer in liquid bulk transportation, GBT’s tank truck service has reduced the need for barrels, kegs and other forms of temporary packaging helping industries focus on efficient mass production. Today our company’s focus has led us towards participating in initiatives like the SmartWay program in Canada and the United States whereby using industry benchmarks we can track our performance in reducing the use of non-renewable resources. GBT has been a member of SmartWay since 2010 and last year recorded a 4.3% improvement in fuel efficiency with a corresponding reduction of 1.2 MTonnes of NOx emissions. Since beginning our recorded focus in 2007 for improved fuel efficiency we have improved fleet fuel efficiency by 22.5%.

The GBT highway tractors use the same specification across the fleet to help us standardize our operations. This means that when you have seen one tractor, the next one looks identical. Having each tractor set up the same way, means that every time we handle a shipment, the identical resources are there for every customer to handle the shipment without incident.

Important components for our fleet design include:

  • Automatic transmissions for better fuel economy
  • PeopleNet Blu.2 satellite communications
  • E-Logs since November 2010
  • Aerodynamic design and fairings
  • SmartWay approved tires
  • Modern fleet maintained by continued fleet renewal
  • PeopleNet Video Intelligence System for driver support
  • Espar bunk heaters for driver comfort and reduced idling

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